Labor tips

Pregnancy is a very important stage of life not only for any woman but for her man as well. Let’s imagine that a woman finally got pregnant after several tries that failed, after Clomid treatment course and after other things done to finally have a baby. What could she do to make the labor pass easier and less painful?

Get rid of uncertainty

Fear of the unknown is the basic time of fear we have. That is what an ancient man felt when leaving his warm cave at night. Come on, but we don’t live in caves anymore!

When you ask your friend who already has a baby how the labor was she would probably roll her eyes upwards and tell that she will never do that again. She will start persuading you that it hurts, that you get fat and so on. It will be a perfect collection of the myths related to delivery. Don’t believe it! It is just her personal experience, but millions of women have absolutely painless or almost painless labor every day all around the world.

The best way to kill the fear or unknown you may sign up for the classes conducted for pregnant women. There are a lot of them in any clinic or hospital. Call there and start attending. You will learn tons of new interesting information and gain confidence.

Pain does not give up

If you are still afraid of pain which is known to be the “best friend” of labor – don’t try to imagine it and don’t ever ask your doctor to give you an injection of a painkiller beforehand. It is senseless. The main purpose of a woman during labor is to remain focused on the process itself. You will need to think about your baby but not about pain. Of course, if it suddenly happens that pain is merely unbearable you will get your painkiller immediately – the birth attendants in your hospital perfectly know what to do in such a situation.
Choose the best maternity hospital
Nowadays it is possible to choose the hospital you are going to have labor in. Undoubtedly it is very important to trust medical specialists and in order to not feel disappointed during the labor it is worth visiting several hospitals in advance. Choose the one where the personnel are the most helpful and friendly. You will simply feel more comfortable when the griping pains start because you would know where the ambulance will take you.

Survival kit is a must

Another thing all women are scared to death of is that labor pains will start suddenly. A woman will then not be ready for that and will feel nervous while going to the hospital in the ambulance car. A wise man once told that preventing problems we actually avoid them altogether with unneeded fears.

Take a small bag and fill it with the things you will probably need in the maternity hospital. But please, don’t put too much inside. Basically the “survival kit” of a pregnant woman is rather small. You may consult your therapist on what is better to pack or to find the examples of such a kit on the Internet without leaving home.

Find support among your nearest and dearest
Now it is allowed to take your husband or any other close person or relative right to the room where the labor will take place. Of course, we do not recommend to invite a whole delegation consisting of your husband, mum, dad and beloved dog Charlie – such a crowd will be an obstacle and an irritating factor for the birth attendants. Keep in mind that these specialists have to act fast and accurately. Nothing should prevent them from doing their work.

Positive thinking

Positive thinking and “I-can-do” attitude can change the world and there are thousands of examples of that. But we do not need to change the whole world, we will just need to have a safe labor and a healthy baby.

Maybe you have heard that the consultations of psychologists are becoming more and more popular among future mothers. What could the reason for that?

Positive thinking is the reason. It was proved long ago that thinking in the right way and about good things only improves our health, helps recover better, allows us to achieve better results and so forth. Thus if you will focus your thought on how beautiful, smart and cute your baby is you will gain a lot. Maybe you will gain even more than a good doctor could provide because we are all the doctors for ourselves. A new life you are giving to a baby is much more important than fear. It is the most important thing, actually. Keep that in mind and you will return home with a new member of your family soon!

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