The most typical causes of female infertility

The first thing a future mother should pay much attention to is the immune system. It sounds obvious, but people are still neglect to their bodies and health. In the majority of cases we start caring about our state of health right before becoming a mother or a father.

It is not enough, believe us. In order to maintain effective immune system one should quit all bad habits, do some sports regularly, sleep properly (long and comfortably enough) and, of course, consume natural products. Otherwise harmful substances may appear on the uterine neck which will kill spermatozoids preventing them from going to further. Endometriosis is another thing leading to infertility in 40-50% cases.

Its worst characteristic is nearly total absence of symptoms on the early stage. A woman may disclose endometriosis only if she has regular sexual life. Discomfort during and after intimacy may mean that it is endometriosis. In such a case it’s necessary to urgently contact a therapist. Endometriosis is easily cured without any consequences on the early stage.

Cervical canal of a healthy woman is filled with especial substance helping spermatozoids move further and achieve the egg. However, different problems with health and immune system may negatively influence production of this substance and spermatozoids will literally get stuck in the cervical canal. The most common cause of this problem is some sexual transmissible disease which was not treated properly.

Other negative factors

As we have already mentioned the main problem of a modern woman is weakened immune system. If our body cannot properly protect itself and timely react to potentially dangerous external factors we will feel it, sooner or later. Actually, insufficient immune system is also the main cause of cancer. But what destroys our natural protection which is supposed to kill any virus and infection?

1. Smoking is probably the worst thing a future mother could do except, of course, taking hard drugs (we are not even going to consider such examples here). An ordinary cigarette contains hundreds of harmful elements where nicotine is probably the safest one. All those substances destroy vessels, change blood composition, make lungs work worse and so on and so forth. Finally, smoking quickly leads to problems with the immune system. A regular smoker who has been addicted for at least a year already has some problems with his immune system. Luckily, even if you are an inveterate smoker with really long smoking history we have good news for you – the body will regenerate within several months after you quit.

2. The same thing concerns alcoholism. Even an expensive and high-quality alcohol is harmful. Any specialist will confirm it. It is merely senseless to deceive yourself saying that a glass of wine at the dinner will be useful for digestion. No way. It’s worth reducing alcohol drinking to them minimum or even give up once and forever. Your children will be grateful.

3. Sleep schedule should be more or less regular. Another important condition is sleeping in comfort – you need to find a good bed with a convenient matrass. Seven hours of sleep in comfort are equal to ten hours of sleep when you are not fully relaxed because the bed is not that comfortable.

4. Farmers’ markets will help you find natural and fresh food – meat, dairy products, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit should be produced or grown in natural conditions otherwise they lose all the healthy influence and may even become harmful. Choose natural food and your general physical and mental state will quickly improve.

Desperate women who buy Clomid online forget that this powerful preparation effectively deals with the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle, but it cannot change the causes. Please keep in mind that organism degradation goes gradually so that you could not notice anything suspicious. Don’t forget that preparation for becoming a mother should take not less than several years or even the whole life. It is not that difficult to care about yourself, to eat good products and to do some physical exercises once or twice a weak.

Finally, your children will be as healthy as you are. Isn’t that a great motivation?

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