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Causes of infertility

Basically our organism is incredibly strong and able to resist thousands of negative factors we do not even know about. There are many risks for a woman become infertile, but such a sad thing happens only if there is whole combination of causes.

The first one can be related to genetics. We do not choose our genes – we get what we get and that’s it. Our parents or grandparents may have suffered from some harmful bacteria or viruses that changed the genes structure. Genetic cause is probably the toughest one to deal with, but there is no such a word like “impossible” for us.

In the overwhelming majority of cases infertility starts with ovulation disorder. So let’s now try to figure out why ovulation disorder occurs:

1) Bad ecology is more than just a cliché we all repeat but never pay serious attention too. Take a look at the people living in the countryside. They are much stronger and healthier. Furthermore, they nearly never suffer from depression. Of course, we do not consider villages where the whole population is addicted to alcohol or drugs. For infertility prevention it makes sense to spend as much time on fresh air as you only can. It will be great for the whole body including heart, lungs and blood circulation. Finally, even a short visit to countryside will be the best therapy for soul – believe us, it’s better than any psychologist.

2) Endometriosis, uterine and cervical abnormalities and all other deviations sound horrible. They instill a cold fear even when we pronounce them in our head while reading. More and more medical specialists tend to think that stress is one of the most important driving factors. Can we live without stress? It is hardly possible in the modern reality. But we can at least cope with it and reduce stress to minimum. Please, keep in mind that stress and oppressed state of mind produce a great number of harmful chemical substances in our blood which have fast and negative effect. Exclude all annoying and worrying things from your life and try to find something good in everything you hear, see or read about.

3) Healthy and well-balanced diet is much more important than you may think. It makes you feel cheer and meet a new day with true optimism. Trust your body and never consume products making you feel even slightly worse. Don’t even think about eating junk food or pizza from a nearest store – it is the shortest way to problems with health that often leads to infertility. The statistics proves itself – more and more women and men suffer from infertility caused by such simple things like bad food and bad habits. It makes people to look for Clomid for sale and try to cure.

4) Smoking also has great negative impact on a woman’s health in general and on the reproductive system in particular. There is an endless number of harmful chemicals in each cigarette which increase your addiction and poison the organism. Quit smoking right now – you lose absolutely nothing!

How does Clomid work?

Clomid which is being taken in the proper dosage stimulates healthy ovulation by intensifying the secretion of the gonadotropic substance. It is an antiestrogenic preparation reducing the amount of estrogen if it is too much of it. However, if a woman’s organism lacks estrogens Clomid will help produce more of them until the amount reaches the norm.

There are different cases when Clomid is recommended:

1. Ovulation treatment in cases of anovulatory menstruation;

2. Ovulation treatment in cases of insufficient work of hypothalamus;

3. Secondary amenorrhea

4. Oligospermia

And so on and so forth.

Are there any contraindications?

Since Clomid is quite a powerful preparation there are some contraindications that should be observed. If you feel unsure about taking Clomid from the point of your health – please contact your therapist.

The main contraindication is pregnancy or suspected pregnancy. Actually if you are already pregnant and everything goes well you have no need in taking Clomid.

Please read carefully the composition of the preparation because the second contraindication is high sensitivity to certain components of Clomid.

Problems with liver and cystic ovary are two more serious contraindications that need to be considered.

You may find the whole list of contraindications on the medical pages devoted to Clomid.

Side effects

Clomid is so popular by two reasons – incredibly efficiency and high level of safety. Side effects are experienced by people after overdose. Actually it is quite difficult to disclose any side effect if you follow the dosage properly and do not try to make things go faster by taking more pills. Speaking about Clomid side effects we should mention the following one:

1. Slight dizziness

2. Nausea or vomiting

3. Depression

4. Fatigue

5. Insomnia

6. Allergy (very rarely) etc.

When buying Clomid for men please do not take too many pills. A serious overdose causes very unpleasant consequences from terrible stomachache to temporary sight disorder.

Where can one buy Clomid?

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