Brand or Generic?

It is a real holy war between brand and generic preparations. People from both sides try to persuade their opponents that they are right. One the one hand what could be better than an original preparation produced from the most high-quality components and recommended by well-respected doctors? But when we take a look at the price we really doubt if it is a good idea to buy it.

Moreover, the technologies are developing every day and there are already examples when generics are actually better and safer than the initial preparation. The best thing about a generic drug is that it is also more affordable and usually available online without any prescription.

The price

If we compare, for example, top C class models from Mercedes and, let’s say, Hyundai, we will definitely choose the German car. Buy why? Is it really so much better? Well, it may be not. The difference could be incredibly small and even invisible to a person who just wants to have a comfortable and reliable car which looks great and brings pleasure from driving.

But generally such a large gap in prices between Mercedes and Hyundai is merely related to the brand. Mercedes is a worldwide known brand, people highly appreciate it and its reputation and thus trust this manufacturer while Hyundai still has to prove that it is good enough all the time. The funniest thing here is that the components both vehicles are made of are very similar and generally their quality is on the same level or only slightly different.

Absolutely the same trend may be seen in absolutely any area including the pharmaceutical one. People pay a lot for brand Viagra when they could buy three or even five packs of the generic preparation and get absolutely the same effect! As they say in one great advertisement – why would one pay more if there is no difference?

A myth about poor quality of generic drugs
Copies of medical preparations used to have very poor quality long ago when there was no control over the manufacturers. For example, several centuries ago a smart hustler could notice that a doctor prepares some effective drugs helping people and make a cheap copy that does not have any positive effect. Moreover, such plagiarism could even be very harmful.

Nowadays it is literally impossible to start mass production of a generic preparation of bad quality which contains harmful substances. There are dozens of controlling bodies in every country and if a producer wants to export his goods he has to pass through really tough procedures. These procedures are meant to prove the quality and safety of the preparation before it enters a new market.

So, to sum this paragraph up, purchasing generic Clomid you have nothing to be afraid of. People who are really worried may order one pack of pills and bring it to any medical laboratory which is usually available in public and private hospitals. Competent specialists will check the preparation and tell you whether it is what you were looking for or not. Such a laboratory test will not cost a lot. Sometimes it is even free.

But is there any difference besides price then?
Yes, there are some things that make a generic and an original preparation different. Technically, generic Clomid is a new preparation having absolutely no relation to the brand one. It means that a generic drug can have different dosage, other contraindications and so and so forth. By the way, it is the reason why absolutely all manufacturers emphasize that it is incredibly important to read the instruction carefully. Instructions are often available in the package.

The last thing one could do to stop worrying about the quality of a generic is to call to the manufacturer. They usually have hotlines available 24/7. The specialists of the customer support department will be happy to consult you and unveil your fears regarding their product. Please, don’t miss this opportunity – a bad company will never waste money on customer support office.

A generic preparation is cheaper, available without prescription, can be easily found in any online pharmacy and has totally the same effect as the original one. Of course, it is up to you to decide which option is better for you. We hope that this article will be helpful.

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