A very unpleasant situation

Doctors today often meet couples who come and tell they failed to get pregnant. It is a very common situation for modern medicine which needs a complex and efficient solution. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything global, but we can help certain people who will read this article in making the probability of impregnation higher. We have four basic steps (they may be also called recommendations) a couple could follow in case of impregnation failure.

Stop using contraceptives

Of course, it concerns women mainly because the contraceptives men used have no influence of fertility unless he takes some pills, of course. Ordinary condoms have no negative impact on male fertility.

The most serious danger is related to women’s contraceptives. Hormonal drugs are really the worst option here because even after a woman stops taking them some time should pass before the level of hormones stabilizes. How much time should a couple wait? It is difficult to say for sure, a lot depends on the particular organism. We highly recommend visiting a therapist in this case. After having taken analysis the doctor will tell you when impregnation is possible.

And, of course, an intrauterine device should be removed otherwise it will never let a woman get pregnant.

The second important thing is to clearly calculate the days of ovulation when a woman’s body will be the most alert and ready for impregnation. It may seem very easy because absolutely any woman perfectly knows how long her cycle is and the last menstruation was. But on practice it appears that people often do the wrong calculation and fail to get pregnant simply because they were too late or because the ovulation has not started yet.

Medical specialists say that a woman’s organism is something much more complicated than a man’s one. Every woman has totally different body rhythms and thus it makes sense to consult a gynecologist as well.

This specialist will definitely determine the ovulation days correctly. By the way, there are dozens of credible smartphone and tablet apps that may help you a lot with this issue. Don’t hesitate to download them and try. If it does not work within, let’s say, two or three cycles then it’s time to take more serious measures.

Have regular sex

This is probably the most easy-to-do and pleasant piece of advice. Really, what can be better than sex with your significant other?

A woman’s organism has an incredibly positive reaction to regular intimacy. A lot of useful hormones and substances are being produced then and the body gets ready for getting pregnant. It is another natural thing which could be easily explained – long time ago a woman needed a constant partner to get pregnant because after delivery she was unable to protect her child alone and to provide it with the necessary things for surviving. A man was supposed to actively participate in the process of raising. That is why a woman did not get pregnant until her body “believed” that she had a good partner.

We would also like to mention that while having regular sex without contraceptives it is better to avoid though like “oh, God, we need to get pregnant this time”, “now or never” etc. It creates additional stress which may block the impregnation process. Just do it for pleasure and relaxation.

Visit a doctor
Sometimes nothing of enlisted above helps, but it is still not a reason to panic. There could be lots of things preventing a woman from getting pregnant and the best way to find and remove them is to visit a doctor.

He or she will take the necessary analysis, check it and then offer the best solution. In 9 cases out of 10 there is nothing serious. Doctors usually prescribe some preparations like Clomid and vitamins available in every pharmacy. After the course of treatment a couple should come for a consultation once again and the specialist will decide if there are proper conditions for impregnation now.

Modern medicine is able to work wonders. It helps even in the most complicated cases. Sometimes a man or a woman needs an operation or more intensive treatment and there is nothing dangerous in it. Just go to a good and credible clinic and trust its professionals. You will then become a mother and a father very soon.

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